How to Make Homemade Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

Homemade hand sanitizer with essential oils

How to Make Homemade Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

Hand sanitizer has become our secret weapon for combatting germs on the go. When you don’t have access to running water, hand sanitizer is an effective alternative to traditional handwashing. It can protect you and others from harmful pathogens. If you have sensitive skin or are conscientious about the chemicals you use on your body, opting for a natural hand sanitizer is an organic and effective alternative to chemical sanitizers.

This natural homemade hand sanitizer with essential oils recipe will protect you from germs and bacteria. All while keeping your hands moisturized.

Why Use Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils?

Although the CDC deems any hand sanitizer with an alcohol content above 60% as effective at killing germs and bacteria, the ingredients in chemical sanitizers can cause severe skin issues and negatively impact your health. Because alcohol can be very drying and pungent smelling, many brand name sanitizers rely on chemicals and fragrances to minimize these effects.

A much safer way to combat alcohol’s adverse effects is to add essential oils to your hand sanitizer. Essential oils are entirely natural tinctures derived from the roots, seeds, stems, and other parts of plants. Using hand sanitizers with essential oils can help naturally moisturize your skin to prevent alcohol’s drying effects.

Natural hand sanitizer with essential oils

Research also proves that essential oils have antimicrobial properties that will amplify the benefits of your hand sanitizer. Using fragrant essential oils is a safe way to add a scent to your hand sanitizer without using chemicals. Making hand sanitizer with essential oils will give you the germ-killing benefits of chemical sanitizers with the added skin-soothing and softening benefits of the organic ingredients.

Follow this simple recipe for homemade hand sanitizer with essential oils to create a safe and healthy alternative to chemical sanitizers.

Recipe for Homemade Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

Making a homemade hand sanitizer with essential oils only requires a few ingredients, and you can adjust the measurements based on the amount of sanitizer you’d like to make. For this hand sanitizer recipe, you will need the following natural ingredients.

Natural Ingredients:


The key ingredient required by the FDA in all hand sanitizers is alcohol. Alcohol is a natural disinfectant that has historically been used as a sanitizer for centuries. Alcohol fights bacteria through a process called denaturation that breaks down the bacteria’s cell membranes to kill the pathogen effectively. For a sanitizer to be effective, the CDC requires an alcohol concentration of at least 60%. When selecting alcohol for your hand sanitizer, look for ethanol, propanol, and isopropanol based rubbing alcohols with a concentration between 60-95%. You can find rubbing alcohol at virtually any drug store or grocery store, but you can also buy it online if you’d like to purchase it in bulk.

Aloe Vera Gel:

Although alcohol is highly effective at killing bacteria, it can also be incredibly drying. Adding a moisturizing agent like aloe vera gel will prevent your skin from drying and cracking . Aloe vera gel comes from the stalks of aloe vera plants, which have anti-inflammatory properties that help naturally soothe dry skin. According to dermatologists, aloe vera has agents that inhibit fungi, bacteria, and viruses, which enhances the effectiveness of your hand sanitizer even further.

Aloe vera gel

Vegetable Glycerin:

Glycerin is also an essential ingredient for preventing dry skin from the alcohol in hand sanitizers. Vegetable glycerin is a colorless and unscented liquid derived from the oils of coconut, soy, and palm plants. It’s commonly used in skin care products because it locks moisture into the skin and facilitates the absorption of other beneficial active ingredients in natural products. Because vegetable glycerin has a similar pH to our skin, it’s safe for all skin types and won’t cause your pores to clog. Like aloe vera gel, vegetable glycerin also helps to soothe and heal cracked skin.

Essential Oils:

Using essential oils in your recipe will provide a natural fragrance and additional antimicrobial properties to your hand sanitizer. We recommend using the following essential oils:

Cinnamon Bark
Eucalyptus Radiata

Essential oil

Any of these essential oils will benefit your concoction, but combining them can create a synergistic effect and provide fantastic aromatherapeutic results. If you don’t have the time to experiment to find the perfect combination, our Immune Essential Oil contain a proprietary blend of herbal extracts designed to support healthy immune function and protect against harmful environmental elements.


Now that you’ve collected all of your natural ingredients, you’re ready to make your homemade hand sanitizer with essential oils. This recipe will yield 8 oz. of sanitizer using 70% isopropyl alcohol. You can adjust the measurements to make a larger batch if you desire. However, make sure to keep the same proportions. This will ensure your hand sanitizer is effective and has an overall alcohol content above 60%.

All it takes is five easy steps:

Combine ¾ c. alcohol, 1.5 tbsp aloe vera gel, and 1 tsp. vegetable glycerin in a shallow bowl
Mix thoroughly to combine
Add ten drops of essential oils and stir
Add boiled water to desired consistency (optional)
Use a funnel to pour into spray bottles or flip-top containers.

That’s it! Now you have an effective hand sanitizer with natural moisturizing properties that will protect you from germs AND dry skin.

How to Make Homemade Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

Natural Hand Sanitizers

Compared to traditional chemical disinfectants, natural hand sanitizers are just as effective but have the added benefit of organic ingredients that safely protect you from dry, chapped skin. Making a homemade hand sanitizer with essential oils allows you to know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. However, making homemade hand sanitizers can be time-consuming, and getting the proportions right can be very tricky.

You want to be sure that your hand sanitizer is fully effective at keeping you safe from germs, so it’s much easier to purchase natural hand sanitizers. Killing Them Softly natural hand sanitizers are formulated with the same organic ingredients in this recipe to have peace of mind in knowing that what you’re putting on your skin is safe and effective. Save yourself the time of concocting your recipe and try our natural hand sanitizer spray to protect yourself and others from germs.

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